Barack Obama once again embarrasses himself and the United States overseas. During a formal state dinner in Buckingham Palace, Obama toast Queen Elizabeth II, but instead of shutting his yap while the band played the national anthem, Obama just kept right on talking, as if he was saying anything important, anyway. If that were not bad enough, during a visit to Westminster Abbey, Obama signed the guest book and flubbed the date, “24 May 2008″. The guy doesn’t even know what year it is!

obama toast queen

How much longer will America have to deal with this man-child-president? Hopefully he will be defeated in the 2012 elections. Otherwise, we will have four more years of Obama trashing America. His toast gaffe is just the latest in a growing list of errors and insults to the British. Obama seems to loath them and deliberately targeting England. Whether it is sending back a bust of Winston Churchill, giving a set of DVDs in the wrong format to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, giving the Queen an iPod loaded with his speeches, or elevating France above the UK in NATO, Obama seems determined to destroy our alliance with England.

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The latest gaffe of the Obama toast to Queen Elizabeth II just shows how incapable he is at foreign policy. Barack Obama has made multiple breeches in protocol and etiquette, not to mention just common sense. He writes the wrong year in the Westminster Abbey guest book, thinking it is still 2008? What is wrong with him? I suppose that is a rhetorical question, as we all know the answer to that question – everything is wrong with Obama!