Glenn Beck launches Markdown, a new e-commerce website to compete with Groupon. The Fox News host is a regular cash-machine. Many companies that Glenn Beck deals with through his production company, Mercury Radio Arts, such as LifeLock and will be the first to participate. Even with a great product, entrepreneurs face daily challenges, and Glenn Beck is just the guy to smooth the way. Beck insists that Markdown will offer value and values. That those companies participating will be those who pass the mustard of Beck′s scrutiny.

glenn beck deals
Glenn Beck deals up savings with, a new discount coupon service. Image Credit: Ray Garbo/

You have to hand it to Beck. Everything he touches of late turns to gold. A popular radio program. One of the highest rated cable-TV programs. Beck writes 3-4 books a year, all of which become best-sellers overnight. Is it any wonder that he is giving up his one-hour show on Fox News so he can explore other options?

Markdown will feature national brands, but also will focus much attention to local and regional businesses and services. The site has a special sign-up deal, where once you register, you can buy $20 worth of chocolate for just $10. Yum! Markdown will also have a referral system, providing additional discounts to buyers who get others to join. This deal ends today, so sign up fast. I certainly did! Chocolate is chocolate! provides access to some 220 small chocolatiers across America.

So yes, Glenn Beck deals on Markdown, his new e-commerce site, will save you money. What′s more, is that you will be buying value and values with your purchases. Beck knows that even with a great product, entrepreneurs face daily challenges in getting their wares out before the public. The Fox News host started this new venture through a division of his production company, Mercury Radio Arts. Beck hopes to compete against the likes of Groupon and LivingSocial by providing a means for people to obtain goods and services at discounted prices.


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