Glenn Beck is hosting a Restoring Courage Rally in Jerusalem this August 24, 2011. The rally is intended to show the Middle East that at least some Christians will stand up and support the Jewish people. The rally itself will be held at the Southern Wall Excavations. There will be three actual Restoring Courage events. Humanitarian Travel will handle tickets, tours and travel arrangements for those prepared to spend between $3997 to $4797 for 7 to 10 day packages. Glenn will emcee some of the events, though we can also expect to see David Barton who heads Wallbuilders and Beck′s Black Robe Regiment of liberty-minded pastors and clergy.

glenn beck restoring courage rally jerusalem

Before you start thinking that this is some money-making scheme, Glenn Beck does state at his web site that while the Restore Courage Rally in Jerusalem is not a charity event, neither he nor his company, Mercury Radio Arts, will profit from it. Needless to say, this will be an expensive production, especially given the need for security and the high transportation costs. In addition to the three Restoring Courage events, the tour provider will also include other activities and tour stops for those who make the journey.

As we watch events unfold daily in North Africa and the Middle East, as well as in Washington the past 48 hours, it would appear that pressure is mounting against the nation of Israel. Muslim extremists are seizing control of the so-called Arab Spring, an alleged pro-democracy movement. Egypt has already been toying with Israel, shutting off gas pipelines for a few weeks, and removing Israel as a destination for its national airlines. We have a growing number of prominent imans making public statements about renewing an aggressive war against Israel. Radical Socialists from America and Europe are participating in more anti-Israel events and campaigns. Now, even Barack Obama is going public with his call for Israel to give up all of the land it occupied after tha 1967 Six Day War.

Glenn Beck and his Restoring Courage Rally in Jerusalem this August 24, 2011 is meant for non-Israelis to stand up and show their courage to support Israel in their hour of need. While the Middle East seems to be on the verge of a new war against the Jewish people, Glenn Beck and his Black Robe Regiment will join in the defense of Israel and its right to exist as a nation. For more information, feel free to click on the links below, including that to Humanitarian Travel which is handling the travel, tour and event arrangements. This could be your last chance to visit this sector of Old Jerusalem, should the United Nations force Israel to retreat to its pre-1967 borders.

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