Former Utah governor and U.S. ambassador to China, Jon Hunstman, Jr. has begun his potential run for president in 2012. A 5-day swing through New Hampshire is going well, with Huntsman slamming Obama on economic issues as well as the trumped-up military action in Libya. Huntsman has gone on the record now supporting the Paul Ryan plan for the 2012 budget, opposes unconditional increases to the debt ceiling and is basically getting his name out in the public.

jon huntsman jr

With the current batch of GOP candidates stumbling about between gaffes, Huntsman could be one of several late-comer dark horses whom may emerge later this year as real contenders. Sarah Palin is far from writing herself out of the picture. Indiana governor Mitch Daniels is also flirting with a possible run. With recent polls showing that some 59% of Americans believe they are worse off now economically than they where in 2008, Obama is clearly beatable, if the right candidate can emerge with the right message.

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But I am keeping an eye on Jon Huntsman, Jr. who is campaigning in New Hampshire, seeking the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. He has an impressive resume of private sector, domestic politics and foreign policy experience. How the current group of Republican candidates will stack up against Huntsman, or any of the other late comers like Sarah Palin or Mitch Daniels, remains to be seen. Clearly, Mitt Romney is the most vulnerable should Huntsman begin to build any momentum.