Yesterday, the Barack Obama speech endorses Israel border to be rolled back to pre-1967. This signaled a major shift in U.S. foreign policy, one which favors Hamas and the Palestinian people, and was a slap in the face to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the eve of his visit to the Washington. The Obama speech was to be about the Middle East, focusing more on Egypt and the so-called ′Arab Spring′, the alleged pro-democracy movement. Instead of promoting peace and stability, Obama may be opening a Pandora′s Box that will guarantee another war very shortly.

obama speech israel border

Some analysts are already referring to Obama′s speech yesterday at the State Department as “the peace gaffe”. In part because the White House had assured Israel just days before that Obama would not speak about the Israel-Palestinian situation prior to Netanyahu′s visit, which includes the Israeli prime minister delivering a speech before the Congress. But when it comes to ruffling the feathers of Israel, Obama has a history which demonstrates his lack of judgment.

During a previous visit to the White House, Obama treated Netanyahu very shabbily, not even a dinner, then having the PM forced to exit the building out the back way. But this time, not only did the Obama administration mislead Israel on the nature and subject of Thursday′s speech, the declared policy shift runs contrary to some 44 years of United States commitment to protect the state of Israel. By calling for Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders, Obama places the Jewish nation in great peril. At some points, only an eight-mile wide strip of land separates Israel from the sea, which Hamas and other Arab groups have vowed to force the inhabitants into.

Hamas, which governs Gaza, has recently formed an alliance the Palestinian Authority, which controls the West Bank of the Jordan River. Hamas is still committed by its own charter to eliminate Israel altogether, as are most Arab nations who still to this day refuse to recognize Israel′s right to exist. Returning to pre-1967 borders would also mean giving up key security buffers in the Golan Heights along the Syrian border, as well as the eastern-half of Jerusalem.

As recently as 2004, President George W. Bush issued a formal letter, approved by vote of Congress, guaranteeing that whatever peace is negotiated between Israel and the Palestinians, the formation of a Palestinian state would not include all on the land which Israel has occupied since the 1967 Six Day War. That war, which was initiated by an Arab coalition including Egypt, Syria and Jordan, turned into a disaster as Israel decimated the Arab air forces, and went on to crush their ground troops. The humiliating defeat stung bitterly in the Arab world, and led to another lost war in 1973.

Yesterday, Obama speech on the Middle East turned ugly as he called for Israel border to return to pre-1967 lines. If Obama thought he was scoring points with Egypt or the Palestinian people, he was mistaken, as recent polls show his popularity has declined. After slapping Benjamin Netanyahu on the eve of his visit to America, our relationship with Israel is now also questionable. The Obama administration has misread the whole Arab Spring movement to begin with, as it is now apparent that Muslim extremists are taking advantage of the situation. Now Obama, with his peace gaffe, opens the door to yet another war between Israel and her neighbors. Another sign of his immaturity and lack of common sense.

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