Sunday, on Meet the Press, Newt Gingrich attacked the Paul Ryan budget plan as ‘right-wing social engineering.’ He has since tried repeatedly to backtrack on his remark, but probably too late. Yesterday, Newt was campaigning in Iowa when he encountered an Iowan Republican who had some interesting views about Newt that were captured on video.

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The video begins with Gingrich shaking the man’s hand, while the prospective voter tells him, ‘What you just did to Paul Ryan was unforgivable.’ He then followed up with this one: ‘You undercut him and his allies in the House.’ On a roll now, he continued, ‘You’re an embarrassment to our party.’ Finally, as Newt extricated himself from the man’s handshake, he finished with the phrase, ‘Why don’t you get out before you make a bigger fool of yourself.’

I had thought that Newt had a slim chance to win the nomination for president. He had a base, talk radio, which would have produced a cadre of elderly supporters for him, that would work out well in any state with a closed primary. But I was wrong. He has unalterably alienated talk radio with one turn of a phrase.

He is now attempting to stop his campaign implosion by blaming the media for his folly. Usually that would work. But when the media that is going after you is the Wall Street Journal and Rush Limbaugh, it is probably a less effective tactic. So Newt, who figured to make debates more entertaining for us viewers by just throwing grenades at the other candidates, decided to begin his campaign by throwing himself on the first one.

Now, every bit of dirt possible will be thrown on his dead campaign until he decides to remove himself. That should happen within a couple of weeks. I wonder if Fox News will give him his old job back.