Welcome to our Thursday photo caption contest at Right Pundits, where we give you no bull.

“A heifer leaps over revellers into the bullring on the third day of the “running of the bulls” at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona.”

Caption this Photo!

Sure, I could have selected one of the many photos of bulls gorging humans into a bloody pulp, but this is a conservative bull-site with conservative bull-values.

Caption this photo and you just might be the lucky winner to be announced next Thursday. Can you handle a full week of suspense?

The winners for last week’s contest are after the jump.

The Winners !!!

First Prize
Deathlok says:
Me clean your hands long time.

Second Prize
lisab says:
does that sink have cellulite?

Third Prize
elliot says:
Say, is the water suppose to come out of there?

Battle of the contests:
(more coming soon!)

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Gone Rick has Democratic bull.
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Rodney has Congressional bull.
Wizbang has the running of the man.

Cowboy Blog has Girlie Bull.
Brainfuel has the running of the machine.

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