This weekend on Maria Bartiromo’s program, Wall Street Journal Report, she interviewed the ex-President, Bill Clinton. Clinton’s wife as we might recall is Secretary of State; therefore, she has some influence over foreign policy (witness the War in Libya, where by all accounts, she has been the driving force). Well, Clinton stated that Osama Bin Laden “…was a charismatic, intelligent and courageous figure in a way, in the sense that he lived in a cave and then hid out and–you know, he came from the richest family of Saudi Arabia, he could’ve had a very different life–was that he has a world view that is totally inconsistent with human survivability.”

459px Bill Clinton

I might be using a different definition of courageous than Clinton does. It’s unclear to me how sending a dozen or so religious fanatics to their certain death in order to make an ideological point, while hiding yourself away in a cave for a few years makes you courageous. It’s also unclear how then moving into a mansion under the protection of one of the largest armies in the world for another half dozen years, googling yourself, trying to find images of yourself on television, and marrying a group of women in their twenties is a courageous act.

William Jefferson Clinton, or BJ Clinton to those of us not completely enthralled by him, finds the urgent need to be interviewed regularly, especially when the person asking the questions is as comely as Ms. Bartiromo. Other than validating Bin Laden, Clinton also recommended a new government agency, just what we need. This one’s function would be to debunk rumors and lies that spread on the internet. He thinks that if the US government is unwilling to take on this function, then the UN should do it. When did we enter the age where the UN gets to decide what rules we should live under?

He has spent the last week making sure that he was being discussed. First, he felt the need to state that he tried twice to call his wife last Sunday (probably a record), but that she wouldn’t take his calls since she was too busy. I’m guessing this isn’t the first time that she used this excuse. Here is the interview where he discusses how Hillary didn’t leak the killing of Bin Laden to him.