A group representing some 400 private health care networks has declared that the Barack Obama health care plan is so complex it is unworkable. Donald Fisher, president of the American Medical Group Association, said “It’s not just a simple tweak, it’s a significant change that needs to be made.” The group includes the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare and the Geisinger Health System. All in all they provide health care to about one-third of all Americans. In a letter to the White House, the group said that about 90 percent of the membership will not participate as part of the Medicare program called accountable-care-organizations. Brian Cook of Medicare says that they are reviewing feedback from such groups. But it would appear that less cost will not result from Obama-Care, nor provide more quality care.

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Most of us who actually read or looked more deeply into the 2,000-plus page health care act knew already that the program would add dramatically to bureaucracy. At every turn, each alleged objective of Obama-Care, such as lower costs and insuring more people, has been shown to be false. Thousands of companies and organizations have already applied for waver to exempt them. Those who cannot get an exemption will be more likely to drop health insurance for their employees. Insurance rates have risen across the country. Now comes this new report that some of the nation′s most distinguished health care providers say the the new law will make keeping track of Medicare patients even more difficult, not easier.

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A group representing some 400 major health care providers say that the Barack Obama health care law and cost saving system is unworkable. Donald Fisher, the president of the group representing the likes of the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Intermoutain Healthcare and the Geisinger Health System spoke publicly about the letter sent to the Obama administration. They see the program as too complicated to provide quality care at less cost. The American Medical Group Association provides health services to one-third of all Americans. Brian Cook of Medicare responded to the group that they are reviewing the feedback.