As we know, the Iowa caucuses will be the first real electoral test in the 2012 Presidential nomination contest. Therefore, many influential Republicans in the state have begun looking at the possible candidates available to them, trying to figure which is most likely to defeat Barack Obama next year. Well, some of them have apparently made the determination that none of the announced candidates are likely to do so, and have plans to make a pilgrimage to Princeton, New Jersey with the hope that they can persuade New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to enter the contest.

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According to Politico, Bruce Rastetter, an Iowa energy company executive (my guess is that this term of art means that he makes ethanol) will join with other prominent Republicans in the state on the trek scheduled for May 31. Rastetter, when interviewed, said that “there isn’t anyone like Chris Christie on the national scene for Republicans. And so we believe that he, or someone like him, running for president is very important at this critical time in our country.”

Rastetter is a presumptive leader in the state of those aligned with the most influential pressure group within the party, the Club for Growth, which favors reducing taxes, providing subsidies to industries, reducing entitlements and minimizing the influence of social issues. Presumably, Rastetter has no problem with the rest of us, therefore, subsidizing the price of corn from our own taxes.

The main problem that these individuals may encounter with their entreaties is that Christie repeatedly has closed the door on his own Presidential aspirations for this cycle. One of his main attributes is his plain-spoken ability to speak the truth. If he suddenly, out of the blue, changes his mind, it would seriously negate some of his appeal.

Other Republicans have also engaged themselves in a similar scavenger hunt to attempt to find an electable candidate. Jeb Bush has also been encouraged to run by many important party leaders. Thus far, he too has ignored their pleas. He is presumably waiting for 2016 when his name will be less of a liability in a general election and he will not have to face a Democratic incumbent. Others have urged Paul Ryan, the Chair of the House Budget Committee to leave Congress for a Presidential campaign.

All of these influential Republicans are hoping that Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels decides to enter the race. Nobody is sure what his intention is, and if he decides not to enter the campaign, the pressure on these other candidates will increase exponentially.

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