The famous Situation Room photo with Hillary Clinton has caused her plenty of grief this past week. Shown with her hand over her mouth as if she gave a gasp of horror or shock has been explained by Hillary Clinton as allergies. That she was coughing or sneezing or such. Even MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews says the photo from the Osama bin Laden raid shows that Clinton lacks humanity. Now, an ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish newspaper, Der Zeitung, also spelled Tzitung, has published a version of the image where Hillary was photo-shopped out! The Brooklyn newspaper has a policy of not publishing pictures of women because it might be too “sexually suggestive.” Poor Hillary Clinton, she’s either sick with allergies, too inhuman, or a hot, hoochy-mama! Like they say, one picture is worth a thousand words!

hillary clinton photo

Chris Matthews isn′t buying the Clinton Spring Allergy story. “Wow.”, exclaims Matthews after running Hillary explaining her image during a press conference. “Look, I guess I understand why the Secretary of State said what she said there. But my guess – and my God – what′s wrong with having a decent reaction to a horrific picture? People are killing people. I prefer humanity. And that′s all I’m going to say.”

Just seems that Hillary Clinton cannot win either way on this one. Now the newspaper not only erased her from the photo, but also another woman in the room, Audrey Tomason, Director of Counter-terrorism. So I suppose you can at least say that they are consistent. In the case of Chris ‘Tingles’ Matthews, he was a supporter of Barack Obama during the primary against Clinton. Matthews was very critical of Hillary’s famous ‘3AM Phone Call’ campaign commercial, meant to prop her up as being more worldly and decisive than Obama.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the photo from the Situation Room has been getting a lot heat. Hillary says her expression was due to allergies. Some are more ready to believe that she was gasping at some shocking scene or event during the Osama bin Laden raid which led to his death. Chris Matthews thinks the Clinton allergy story is all wet and that she is covering herself up to be more humane than she really is. But perhaps the strangest new twist on this photo is that a Jewish newspaper photo-shopped Hillary Clinton and another woman out because they might be sexually suggestive. What next? Perhaps somebody suggesting that the latest Obama birth certificate is a fake because his father is listed as being from Kenya when it had not become the Republic of Kenya until 1963 and was known as Kenya Colony in 1961? If you watch the video below, maybe the newspaper is right as Chris Matthews seems obsessed with Hillary.

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