Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, released his birth certificate to the New Orleans Times-Picayune on Friday. Jindal has been running for the Vice-Presidential nomination since his ill-received response to Obama’s State of the Union speech in 2009, when he appeared to some to be the energizer bunny on steroids. This seems to be his latest gambit in this operation, perhaps the lengthiest campaign for Veep in the history of the nation.

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It’s sort of a shame. Bobby is by far the most intelligent person to run this state. As far as I can tell, until he was elected, the primary job qualification was that the candidate must be a porcine Cajun. So, governors decided that, regardless of the problems affecting the state, the correct policy solution was to listen to zydeco music and eat some boudin balls, and the problems would eventually float away. But Bobby had the capacity to be different. Not only was he intelligent, he was the leader of the only political party in the state, and could have moved Louisiana into the second half of the twentieth century.

But after his speech, he made a political determination that it was easier to play to the lowest common denominator. He decided to make health care and education afterthoughts, realizing that neither of these two policy areas where ones that his base cared much about. He has virtually eliminated any state taxes, other than the sales tax. Now, even though Louisiana was one of the least hard hit by the recession, the expected deficit for next year is over $6 billion. For a while, there was talk of significantly raising sin taxes to reduce or eliminate the deficit, but since he is running for Vice-President, no taxes may be increased. Since there is no chance of moving industries here with no modicum of state services, his administration has decided to try to covet chicken plucking farms from neighboring, equally bereft states. So, these companies have signed deals with the state promising to provide them state money if they set up operations here. They then set up shadow operations, and when the state stops funding them, they shut down.

Last month, the state legislature made a loud noise that they were going to pass a bill forcing candidates for President to prove their eligibility for office prior to being placed on the ballot. Jindal announced that he was eager to sign the bill. Since Obama released his birth certificate, that proposed legislation has withered on the vine. At the same time, one of our senators, David Vitter, submitted a bill defining birthright citizenship as those who were born in the United States who has one parent born in the United States, or has a green card, or has served in the armed forces. I’m just glad that Vitter is doing something this term other than visit houses of ill repute.

When Jindal released the birth certificate, he claimed that part of the reason for doing so was that if he were on the ticket in 2012 he did not want his birth to be a defining issue. Who did he think would make this an issue? Obama…what does he care? Other Republicans…I don’t recall McCain’s ambiguous birth eligibility being part of the 2008 primary? Now that he has provided documentation of something that was never in doubt, we can all sleep easy until next week, when the Mississippi will flood many of us out of our homes, and the federal government will bail the state out, like it did after Katrina.