I love a good conspiracy book and 63 Documents The Government Doesn′t Want You To Read by Jesse Ventura, with Dick Russell, certainly falls in that category. You may recall that his TV series on Tru-TV, Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura was canceled after a controversial episode concerning FEMA concentration camps aired. Hitting a little too close to home was he? Say what you want about Ventura, he is outspoken and holds back no punches. Sometimes they may bit off the beaten track, sometimes even in the wrong direction, but it′ is all good brain candy. A pleasant diversion when taken in moderation.

63 Documents Jesse Ventura
63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read by Jesse Ventura with Dick Russell. Image courtesy of Skyhorse Publishing.

Now. For you fledgling conspiracy book writers out there, let me say that there are two methods to writing a good conspiracy book. Method One is to load the book up with plenty of government documents, declassified and released through Freedom Of Information Act filings. These tend to be on the dry side, especially if you have documents full of blacked-out paragraphs. The best documents, of course, are where nearly the entire page is blacked-out except for a few key words that fit in nicely with your particular conspiracy.

For those whom are more artistic, Method Two involves finding maps of interesting or historically significant places, and then drawing various intersecting lines between key locations. If you do this correctly, then you get geomancy shapes, like say a pentagram, forming upon the map. The area in Southern France around the infamous Rennes le Chateau church is an ideal example. Books like Gen-Isis by David Woods or The Holy Place by Henry Lincoln are terrific books using Method Two. Another good place that lends itself well for geomancy is, of course, Washington, DC, where the streets and buildings are loaded with the symbols of Freemasonry.

Needless to say, 63 Documents The Government Doesn′t Want You To Read by Jesse Ventura, with Dick Russell, follows Method One. Whether your tastes for conspiracy theories revolves around mind control projects like MK-Ultra, the Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam War, or more modern conspiracies like 9/11 or the 2008 financial meltdown, Ventura′s book has something for everyone. Brought to us by Skyhorse Publishing, 63 Documents by Jesse Ventura is a veritable snack-pack, kind of when you get six single-servings of different cereals to sample. You can try one and see if you like it.

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