Reports from Pakistan indicate that at least one Osama bin Laden wife spent five or six years hiding in the Abbottabad compound. Possibly as many as three wives have been at the Al Qaeda hideout for six years. Osama himself may have been there for five or six years. This is based on interrogation by the Pakistan intelligence service, known as the ISI. The method being used to extract information is an interesting one. Each day the women are given questionnaires to fill out. Each set of answers is then compared with previous sets, giving us more details on how bin Laden died. Some recent developments in the intelligence squabble between the CIA and ISI appear to be two-tracked. One story is that Pakistan will allow the CIA to talk to the wives. Another report is that the ISI is furious about a CIA safe house in Abbottabad which was used to conduct surveillance on Osama bin Laden′s compound.

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Earlier reports that one of bin Laden′s wives was killed during the U.S. special operations raid are erroneous. One may have been shot in the leg after Osama himself pushed her towards a Navy SEAL. Bin Laden did not use his wives as shields, but more like a blocker on a scrimmage line. One child, perhaps about three years old, was removed from the bedroom before a SEAL shot and killed bin Laden.

More drips of info concerning the intelligence Bin Laden left behind to be captured indicate that the Al Qaeda leader was aware of a terror plot aimed at the United States. This plot involves attacking trains in at least three U.S. cities, New York City, Washington, DC and Chicago on this coming September 11. This 9-11 will mark the 10th Anniversary of the 2001 attacks.

One Osama bin Laden wife has told Pakistan intelligence officials that her husband was still actively engaged in Al Qaeda operations. One bin Laden wife also says she spent five or six years at the compound in Abbottabad. All three wives may have been there for five or six years as well as Osama himself. New information tells how Osama bin Laden died last Sunday during the U.S. Navy SEAL raid. Meanwhile, no official bin Laden photo released of his death has happened yet.

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