At this point how could anyone disagree with the above headline. George W. Bush has managed to do what, Daily Kos, Howard Dean, Al Gore and others could not. He has effectively destroyed the future of his own party. As it stands now, the GOP has been split into multiple factions that can be easily exploited by the democrats come election time.

The moderates are now splitting from the hawkish conservatives. The conservatives themselves are now split between the gingoistic, anti-immigration right and the business conservatives whose main concern is to ensure a numerous supply of cheap labor. The Pat Buchannan wing of the GOP grows stronger every day. Unfortunately for them (and fortunate for us) their numbers are not sufficient enough for them to enact their isolationist dream. These guys even oppose legal immigration.

All of this is due to President Bush. As I predicted on May 20, the surge will be deemed a failure and the moderates, especially in the senate, will abandon Bush. The anti-immigration conservatives have already deserted Bush and are probably one step away from leaving the GOP altogether. They are deluded enough to think they can gain political influence as a separate party. That is what happens when a group spends all of its’ time talking only to one another on, which has quickly become the right wing answer to the Daily Kos.

Not only has Bush lost the far right but the democrats managed to frame the issue so that the republicans would take the blame for the failure to pass immigration reform. The largest future voting block in the country, the hispanics, has been effectively handed over to the democrats. One would think that Teddy Kennedy arranged for this outcome. I highly doubt that, since I don’t think he is that smart. Compared to Bush though, he looks like Albert Einstein.

We could review the numerous mistakes that Bush has made with his Iraqi misadventures. At this point, why bother? It is sad though to see the latest spin from the Bush team. They are trying to make us believe that we have chased Al Qaeda into Iraq. Therefore, the Iraqi war is justified. If you believe that, then I have some swamp land in Jersey that I can sell you on the cheap.

2006 proved that the democrats could come together if sufficiently motivated. Bush has made matters only worse since the mid-terms. 2008 will most likely make the mid terms look like a tea party. I really don’t think it matters who the GOP nominates for the general election. The noose is solidly around the necks of the GOP and Bush only tightens the knot with each passing day. A unified democratic party (thank you President Bush) versus a fractured GOP spells absolute disaster come election day 2008.

Rudy Giuliani might stem the tide somewhat. He won’t win but perhaps the democrats will only gain 3 Senate seats and 6 to 8 seats in the House. If the nominee is someone like Fred Thompson, then the democrats have an excellent chance to gain an additional 6 to 8 Senate seats and 12 to 15 for the House.

Remember to thank President Bush come that day in January 2009 when the democrats control 2 of the major branches of our government. If you are so inclined, pray for the continued health of Justices Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito. Without them, it will be the 1960’s are over again.

Maybe in 2024 or or 2028, the GOP will recover. Then again, maybe not.