Well it looks like the Stock Market will surpass DOW 14,000 – perhaps as soon as today. However, its funny that the “mainstream media” continues to state that this is the worst economy ever seen. Lets just recap some of the numbers:

Inflation year- over-year is 2.2%

U.S. Unemployment rate is 4.5%

Annual GDP growth is in excess of 3%

Solid revisions to the previous months of W-2 job numbers.

Lets also be a bit more “partisan” with the economic stats:

President Bush’s ISM performance, which is an index of manufacturing, is the best in 30 years, going all the way back to Presidents Nixon and Ford. In addition, President Clinton’s ISM performance trails Bush’s by a significant margin.

President Bush’s Non-Manufacturing Index, which is a measure of the services economy, is ahead of President Clinton’s index even though this statistic did not come out until 1997.

I can not say everything is rosy in the economy – but its better than what is being sold to the American Public thanks to the media. Who do I think is responsible for the economy? The American People with an assist by President Bush’s tax cuts. The Democrats indicated that the tax cuts would do more harm than good. They were wrong. Will they admit another their failure? Of course not. They will now probably say that they were for tax cuts all along (yeah right) and never said what they said originally. According to the Democrats, their words don’t matter.