No wonder heaven is for virgins. Osama Bin Laden’s 27 year old son has married a 51 year old English granny who has been married five times already. The happy woman is named Jane Felix-Browne and she is pleased as punch to marry Omar Bin Laden.

As you can see from the photo, he is simply The Bomb.

A couple quick questions:

1. Do you think that key is for her chastity belt?
2. How much beer is a traditional wife allowed to drink?

While it is her 5th marriage, it is Omar Bin Laden’s 2nd marriage concurrently. “Yes, I am married to a Saudi woman from an honorable Arab family and I live a happy life with her,” he said.

“She [Jane Felix-Browne] has agreed to my (second) marriage. Polygamy is not strange in our Arab and Islamic society” he said.

Citing an example from the life of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad and his first wife, Omar bin Laden said the age difference with his new spouse was not an issue.

“The Prophet had married Khadija, the mother of the faithful, when he was twenty and she was forty,” he pointed out.

So where have all the virgins gone?