North Carolina Judge Carl Fox ruled today that John Edwards be forced to provide a deposition for the trial of his close friend and ex-aide, Andrew Young. Rielle Hunter, his mistress and the mother of of Edwards’ child has filed a civil suit against Young because she is accusing him of taking a sex tape of herself and the former Presidential candidate. Young contends that Hunter, when residing with his wife and himself, left the tape behind and he later found it when packing boxes in his home.

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Young’s attorneys were in the middle of deposing Edwards in early February when the senator’s attorneys advised him to refuse to answer any questions. Fox stated that in the deposition he has ordered be held in June he will preside and rule on any objections as they arise. As well, any information provided in the deposition that the judge rules is not confidential will be publicly released.

Apparently, Edwards is concerned about exposing himself to criminal charges since he is accused of using campaign funds to pay Hunter to remain silent about their relationship. As we recall, in early 2008, Hunter gave birth to Edwards’ child but that Young claimed responsibility at first to protect Edwards’ Presidential campaign. Edwards later admitted that the baby was his and attempted to continue a relationship with Rielle.

However, due to the untimely demise from cancer of his wife, Elizabeth, Edwards has moved to Chapel Hill, NC to be with his other children. Meanwhile, Hunter, who seems to enjoy the limelight of Los Angeles, has been rumored to be clubbing with some of her previous male ‘friends’.

I think that Edwards may be the most despicable politician in America’s recent past. Not only did he use his seriously ill wife to present a fake image of himself to get votes and volunteers, he then proceeded to humiliate her by using her to present an image that she knew was a lie.