Appearing before a GOP women′s group of 1,000 in Las Vegas, Donald Trump spoke plainly and bluntly, throwing down the gauntlet at the current Washington political establishment. Trump called politicians stupid, particularly in foreign affairs. For OPEC, The Donald had stronger language, saying that if OPEC decides to increase oil prices with him in office, Trump would tell them flat-out, “You’re not raising the f-ing price!” The crowd cheered wildly!

donald trump las vegas
Donald Trump throws down in Las Vegas speaking bluntly before a GOP women′s group. Image Credit: DJDM /

But it did not end there. Trump has previously suggested threatening China with a 25% tax on imports, which many believe would lead to a trade war. Donald said “Listen, I could have a guy say (changing his tone to a high-pitch whiny voice) We′re gonna tax you 25%.” Returning to his normal, deep, tough-guy voice, Trump then related how he himself would put it. “Listen you Mother-F′ers, we′re gonna tax you 25%!” The crowd cheered wildly!

The 30-minute speech was held at the Treasure Island Casino which included an open bar. Maybe that is why the crowd was fired up for the straight-talking Trump. He went on the offensive against those claiming he has no political experience. “I have plenty of experience, I deal with politicians all the time.” To those criticizing his past campaign contributions to Democrats, Trump responded “Look, I′m from New York. All there are are Democrats.” He went on to mock Republican candidates who have approached him in the past for contributions, boasting about how they had 5% in the polls.

Speaking of polls, Donald Trump also mentioned the latest Rasmussen poll while speaking in Las Vegas, which now shows him leading the pack of Republican presidential contenders. Trump now leads with 19% above Mitt Romney at 17% and Mike Huckabee with only 15%. Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich bringing up the rear other headline contenders with 9% each. Rumors are already flying that Huckabee may be reconsidering his possible presidential run. He may as well, for neither he, nor Mitt Romney, can generate the excitement of Donald Trump. Trump’s harsh language in Las Vegas, calling our political leaders “stupid” and freely flinging well-timed f-bombs at OPEC and China is just the sort of tough talk Americans want to hear after 2+ years of the mealy-mouthed Barack Obama.

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