As we are now fighting three wars, and the elites in Washington are gearing us up for a fourth ‘intervention’, a poll was recently conducted by Rasmussen asking Americans which nations they would opt to defend militarily. It turns out that the people who are actually called upon to provide their family and friends in the military are much more non-interventionist than those who are so eager to give patriotic speeches while ensuring that their own offspring and their friends’ and contributors’ children are tucked in safe and sound every night.

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Credit: Jody Cortes/WENN


Canada 80%
Great Britain 74%
Australia 65%
Israel 61%
Bahamas 58%
Panama 58%
Netherlands 55%
Germany 54%
Mexico 53%
Norway 53%
Italy 50%
Philippines 49%
France 46%
Spain 46%
Egypt 44%
Greece 44%
Iceland 44%
Hungary 41%

It turns out that for most of the countries (as seen in the table above) that we are willing to protect, we either have a national interest or a security interest. In the Americas, the only nations we believe that we should send our troops are Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, and Panama. I have no idea why the Bahamas is on the list, unless we have suddenly discovered a predilection for snorkeling and conch. For Pacific Ocean countries, the only nations we’d be willing to risk our troops are Australia and the Philippines. Among the desert nations where we seem to most enjoy sending our armed forces, the nations where the people agree that they are worth defending are Israel and Egypt. I assume that our courageous leaders will regard this poll as carte blanche to begin ‘intervention’ in Egypt.

The other 10 nations which we are willing to defend with our own blood are all European. For all of these other silly little adventures that we are being led into, Americans are notably more reticent than our political elites to engage our military.

I sometimes think that I’m too non-interventionist. But amazingly, there are a number of nations that I would have voted for other than those the American public selected, notably Japan, New Zealand and Turkey.