There is little doubt in my mind that the new book, Liberty Defined by Ron Paul, was written by the Texas Congressman as a position paper for his 2012 presidential campaign. Subtitled, “50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom”, Dr. Paul lays out his views on a wide range of topics. The issues are organized alphabetically, from Abortion to Zionism, for ease of use. The book is Ron Paul at his best, distilling complex subjects down to their fundamental components, then making a rational argument for his views on them.

liberty defined ron paul
Liberty Defined by Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) gives the reader a clear guide to what the 2012 presidential candidate thinks about 50 major issues of our time. Image of book cover courtesy of Grand Central Publishing.

Congressman Ron Paul has become something of a political cult figure. The one-time Libertarian Party member holds little allegiance to the Beltway Establishment of Washington, DC. This has made him very popular, especially in these times of general voter anger and disgust with the old ‘business-as-usual’ bunch. Not that he needs much encouragement, but his supporters are committed to carry his banner across the political battlefield.

The timing of his new book is perfect for a presidential candidacy. Anyone not really familiar with Ron Paul′s views on subjects, like say capital punishment, education, immigration, marriage, terrorism or unions, will learn quickly. His arguments all well thought out and utilizes the sort of philosophical reason that is a hallmark of many who come from the Libertarian Party. No doubt why many in the Tea Party movement love Ron Paul for his stance on reducing the size, scope and reach of the Federal government.

Liberty Defined by Ron Paul is well written and organized book. Published by the Hachette Book Group of Grand Central Publishing, the book delivers on its subtitle, “50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom”. As Congressman Ron Paul begins his 2012 presidential campaign, Liberty Defined provides a concise text of his views, opinions and positions on the many issues that face us today. Whether you agree with Ron Paul or not, you have to give him credit for being a man of conviction and principles.

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