Will higher gas prices this summer of 2011 lead to victory in 2012 defeating President Barack Obama? It would certainly seem so. As oil prices continue to rise, several states are already seeing $4 a gallon gasoline and the summer driving season has yet to begin. The Obama administration has done little to help ease higher gasoline prices, such as speeding up oil drilling permits or streamlining fuel production standards. Republicans could benefit greatly in next year′s elections as Americans growing angry over the higher prices at the gas pump.

gas prices summer 2011

The Obama administration instead wants to investigate oil speculators, even though there is little evidence of any connection to the gasoline price increases. Such speculators base their decisions on volatility and demand. One only need read or watch the daily news to see plenty of volatility. Today, for example, insurgents in Egypt blew up a key gas pipeline. Fighting in Libya, Syria and other countries in the region make it obvious that there is much uncertainty.

Over at NetRight Daily they too are wondering how gasoline prices will effect Obama? But if gas prices are not a concern to you, perhaps the article at The Boarding Area about American Airlines ‘Masters of Food and Wine’ events will inspire you to some economic growth? If you have yet to reach your fill of stories about Birthers and Trump, here′s a piece at Mike302000 that may amuse you. Speaking of Obama and his visit to Oprah, this article at Power Line covers how an IED was found in Texas along with an Islamic terrorist handbook.

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Yes, it all adds up that gas prices could help the GOP win big in 2012. President Barack Obama will not benefit at all if gasoline price increases persist this and next summer. Frankly, I do not see oil prices coming down any time soon as unrest continues across North Africa and the Middle East. The Republicans need to break out all those old Drill-Baby-Drill signs. With gas prices for the summer of 2011 looking to spike $5 a gallon, Obama better start thinking about what golf club to join after he loses reelection.