MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell lost his cool last night during his show, “The Last Word”. O’Donnell, who replaced the flamboyant Keith Olbermann, had on as a guest Orly Taitz. Taitz is a well known kook and Birther gadfly. O’Donnell wanted her on to address yesterday′s release by Barack Obama of the long form version of his birth certificate. Obviously, O’Donnell, nor anybody else in the Media, paid attention to Obama during his TV appearance, delayed by Donald Trump, that the matter of his birth certificate should now be put to rest.

obama chicago oprah
Barack Obama, after putting the birther issue to rest for more important matters, flew to Chicago with wife Michelle to appear on Oprah. Apparently, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell did not get the memo that the birther issue was no longer a subject to be discussed.

Orly Taitz, however, had other ideas, and used her appearance on O’Donnell′s show to talk about a lawsuit she has pending concerning Obama′s Selective Service form, which allegedly shows him using a different Social Security Number. O’Donnell badgered Taitz for about 3 minutes on camera to address the new birth certificate, growing steadily louder and more angry. Finally, in total frustration and complete lack of any professionalism, O’Donnell abruptly ended the segment.

The point behind this madness is that the only people keeping the birther issue alive and well is the Main Stream Media. The Liberally-dominated Media at that. For years, they have tried to hold up the birthers as kooks and as predominantly Republicans and Conservatives. However, the whole thing has its origins with the Democrat Party, in particular with die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters.

Philip Berg, a longtime associate of Hillary Clinton and well-known Democrat activist lawyer in Philadelphia, is the man who started the first lawsuit concerning Obama′s eligibility to be President of the United States. The court papers were filed five days before the start of the Democrat National Convention. Earlier, during the primary season, the rumors about Obama being a practicing Muslim were also started from the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Yet, despite these facts, the Media has continued to try to paint the birthers and such as part of the vast right-wing conspiracy. Earlier this year, as House Republicans began to take charge of the Congress, appearances on the Sunday morning talk shows by Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor and Michelle Bachmann were all met by a barrage of questions by Liberal program hosts concerning Obama′s citizenship, religion, etc. Conservative writers and pundits, like Ann Coulter, were likewise treated, despite consistently denying any beliefs in such conspiracy theories.

Enter Donald Trump. Now, Trump, who has yet to officially declare himself a candidate, was also asked about the matter when he began making noises about a possible run for president. His initial response, which he has repeated many times, is that he believes Obama was born in Hawaii and is a citizen. His basic point about some of the ambiguities of Obama’s origins and past come as a direct criticism of the Media which failed to vet Obama during the 2008 campaign. Obama was given a free ride by most of the press, whom depicted him as literally a Messiah and the smartest man whom ever has lived.

Trump, being a scrappy showman himself, played the game well and treated Obama to a classic rope-a-dope tactic, landing well-placed punches and forcing Obama to react to him. Which, Obama obliged to Trump yesterday. Trump continues the tactics on other matters, like Obama’s school records, which were sealed and never made public, though some in the Media, like CNN’s Wolf Blitzer claim to have had access to. The Media again gave Obama a pass by not getting any of his school documents made public in 2008, nor his medical records. Much like Bill Clinton′s medical history never being made public, especially after the unusual incident of firing the White House doctor early in 1993 when the doctor refused to administer an unknown drug to Clinton.

Obama released this latest document yesterday because poll numbers show that Trump is gaining ground on the issue. Namely of casting doubts about Obama′s personal life. While the poll numbers have been bad for Obama on agenda issues for nearly 2 years now, his personal favorable numbers have remained good, until now. Especially among Independent voters, Obama is no longer seen as somebody the average American would invite to their home. With only his base, about 28-31% of the voters still committed to reelecting Obama, he is in real trouble as 2012 approaches.

So the Media, including Lawrence O’Donnell and MSNBC, are attempting to help prop Obama up by having people like Orly Taitz on. O’Donnell lost his cool during his show, “The Last Word”, and became as angry a lunatic as Taitz refused to play his game. Even on “Morning Joe” today, Joe Scarborough was revolted by O’Donnell’s performance, puzzled as to why he would even give Taitz the time of day. Mika Brzezinski was livid with Joe and threw a self-righteous temper-tantrum of her own. The Liberal Media thought they had a winner on the birther issue, but instead, they now have egg on their faces. Their scheme backfired and now one has to wonder when, or even if, they can recover from their own foolishness?

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