After nearly three years of questions and debates, it took Donald Trump to force Barack Obama to make his long-form birth certificate public. Weeks ago when Donald Trump first began speaking publicly about a possible run for president in 2012, he raised the Obama birth certificate issue, saying at first that he believed that Obama was born in Hawaii. But Trump always added that he found it strange that Obama would not release the long-form version of his birth certificate. As the issue persisted, Trump began defending the so-called ‘Birthers’, saying that they had legitimate questions that demanded answers. Trump also began to raise issues concerning Obama’s college records which have also not been made public. Today, after much pressure, the White House has finally released Obama’s long-form, to which Trump takes full credit in forcing out into the open. Now, he also wants Obama to make his college records public, too!

Trump has recently been attacking Obama on his school records. The Donald does not believe that Obama is very bright and questions what his grades were. He even is raised the subject of whether or not Obama truly penned his autobiography, Dreams From My Father? There have been some rumors that former Weather Underground terrorist, William Ayers, a neighbor and early supporter of Obama, actually wrote the book. Personally, I found the book so dull that I have no doubt Obama wrote it himself.

During an impromptu press conference at a tarmac at an New Hampshire airport, Trump got feisty with members of the press, accusing them of being too protective of Obama. He again repeated that he has heard that Obama was not a good student at either Occidental College or at Columbia University. Trump questions how does one make it into Harvard Law School if you have poor grades at previous colleges? Was there a ‘fix’ or some form of favoritism involved?

Since all of this began, Donald Trump has always maintained that he believes Obama was probably born in Hawaii. Trump also has said repeatedly that he would rather discuss more important issues, such as America′s sagging economy. The Donald considers himself to be far better on economic issues than any other potential presidential candidate. Trump’s net worth is estimated to be close to $7 Billion dollars, compared to Mitt Romney, estimated to be only around $200 Million. If nothing else, today′s release of Obama’s long form will put an end to the matter, as well as prove to those who claimed the document previously released was his actual birth certificate.

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