Actually, make that “Fan.” One die-hard royalty fan set up a union-jack emblazoned camp Monday outside of Westminster Abby in preparation of the for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding this Friday. Luckily for him, by now he’s been joined by a few others.

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John Loughrey, a self-proclaimed “Royalist,” first set up camp Monday on the street outside of the Abbey to secure his spot for the nuptials. The 56-year-old said he was and is a “Super-Fan” of the late Princess Diana, William’s mother.

“I came here on bank holiday Monday, on the 25th of April, I came here exactly at five o’clock when the Big Ben chimed five times because it spells Diana’s name, D-I-A-N-A.”

I’m not sure how he got that, but the sentiment is nice! Loughrey represents a shrinking portion of Britains who avidly follow the Royals. For the most part, British certainly don’t celebrate Royal functions like Loughrey, and certainly not by camping outside of Westminster Abbey!

Still, it’s tough to beat the guy’s fanaticism. Talking to Reuters yesterday, he said he had also camped outside of the the Royal Courts of Justice for three whole days in October 2007 while the inquest into Princess Diana’s death went on. He also says he camped out for Charles and Camilla’s wedding.

But the Royal charm isn’t dead just yet. The charming prince and his bride to be will still be aired live in both the UK and the USA during their vows, along with a number of European nations. All in all the viewing audience online and on TV is predicted to be over 50 million! That’s a following the dear Queen would be proud of!

Will you be tuning into the Royal Wedding? Or will you go as far as camping outside of Westminster Abbey with Loughrey? Let me know in the comment section!

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Photos: Saxon