It has become obvious that union thug tactics are a Democrat mainstay and the Democrat Party of Wisconsin has once again proved this to be true by launching a campaign to harass any voter that signed a petition to recall Democrat Dave Hansen in Green Bay.

In a shady move reminiscent of union thuggery, the Democrats have taken the information found on the recall petitions and used that to target individual voters that signed them. When someone signs a recall petition they have to include their address and phone number so that officials know the signatures are legitimate.

Worse the Democrat Party is using misleading tactics to do the harassing. The Wisconsin GOP has discovered that the Democrat Party is using a false phone number and a false caller ID number to fool voters into thinking that a phone call is coming from a popular medical clinic in Green Bay.

Once the voter answers the phone thinking that someone from the medical clinic is calling, a member of the Democrat Party comes on the line to harass them for voting to recall Democrat Senator Hansen.

The Wisconsin GOP released a statement about this outrage from Mark Jefferson, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

“It’s disgusting that the Dems would use a fake call from a hospital to trick people into answering their phones – only so they could harass and intimidate them into saying they did not sign a recall petition. People who received that call may have feared the worst – an unexpected call from a hospital can bring terrible news about a loved one. The Democrats’ intent was obviously to confuse and upset people, hoping they would be disoriented and easily tricked into saying they had not signed a recall petition. Dave Hansen’s political career may be coming to an end because he fled to Illinois, but that doesn’t excuse this cruel, desperate tactic.”

Apparently one cannot even take advantage of one’s legal right to demand a recall of an elected official without party thugs harassing you over it.

If State Senator Dave Hansen was as upstanding as he wants to appear, he would condemn this activity in no uncertain terms.