Kim Kardashian may not be too happy with her favorite president, Barack Obama. During a message yesterday, Obama avoided using words like genocide or holocaust as the world commemorates the 96th anniversary of the Armenians being slaughtered by Turkey in 1915. Then known as the Ottoman Empire, the Muslim nation brutally murdered 300,000 to 500,000 Armenians. The event is considered by most historians to be the first case of genocide in modern history.

armenian genocide

But apparently not so by Anti-President Barack Obama. Which is odd, to say the least, since he was casually throwing around both words, genocide and holocaust, just a few weeks ago to justify our involvement in Libya. Oddly enough also because Obama has a special adviser on holocausts, Samantha Powers, wife of Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstien. Powers even wrote a whole book on the subject of genocide, comparing Israels use of force in self-defense to quell terrorists in Gaza as such. Chapter One of her book, A Problem From Hell, is all about the Armenian holocaust.

Despite Obama carefully avoiding such offensive words, Turkey is still mad at him for calling the event “horrific”. The Turks will argue that the Armenians sided with Russia during World War One and attempted a bloody uprising which also killed hundreds of thousands of Turkish citizens. History is usually written by the victors and the truth is usually somewhere in between.

Once again, we have Barack Obama waffling in mediocrity. 300,000 to 500,000 Armenians being killed are neither a holocaust nor a genocide, but a few hundred Libyans in a civil war are. But our man-child, anti-president is too busy trying not to be a leader to offend Turkey, which he wound up doing, anyway. This is just another example of the foolishness we have in the current White House. I sure hope Kim Kardashian and her family remember this when they write checks to the Obama reelection campaign. After all, Obama and Powers need Turkey′s help in the next ′peace flotilla′ to Gaza, supported by Code Pink and former terrorist Bill Ayers.

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