John McCain went to Benghazi, Libya this weekend to announce once more that we’re not doing enough in this war, sort of like he announces regularly that we’re not doing enough in our other two wars, or in the other umpteen nations that he wants us to invade.

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McCain was greeted by a claque of rebels who chanted, “Thank you, America. Thank you, Obama”, which must have made him blanch. But McCain remained true to his script, called for more and more air strikes and pleaded for weapons to be delivered to the rebels. It is unclear if he wishes them to have access to part of our nuclear arsenal. Big John also insisted that we name the rebels the legitimate voice of the government and declare our recognition of them. Among other measures, McCain said that we should eliminate the only Libyan television station, which is controlled by Gaddafi. This may be unrelated to his inability to be scheduled as a guest on the Libyan version of Meet the Press.

The Arizona Senator, the ranking member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, used as his precedent for sending arms to the Libyan rebels what we did in Afghanistan when the rebels were fighting the Soviets. We provided the mujahedin (the Taliban) with Stinger missiles and other arms that resulted in their being able to stalemate the mighty Soviet army for an extended period. I hate to second-guess McCain, who has never seemed to understand the concept of unintended consequences, but gee whiz, couldn’t he wait until October, when 9/11 will be a decade old, before he steps in it with his nonsense.

But McCain has a clever retort to me. He said that he’s not worried about religious extremism taking hold among the Libyan opposition. Instead, he argued, “If there is a stalemate here, it could open the door to Islamic radical fundamentalism, because of the frustration that thousands and thousands of young people will feel.” So, let’s see. For 40 years, Gaddafi has ruled this tribal land with an iron hand. Then, after our government decides to help these disjointed individuals, but don’t give them ENOUGH aid, that’s when they’ll get frustrated…and only McCain (and I assume his henchmen HRC, Lieberman, and Graham) can tell us how much is enough.

Look, I get it. McCain only cares about foreign policy, and presumably getting us into as many wars as humanly possible. His 2008 campaign when he tried to conceal his ignorance about the financial collapse, or last year’s re-election primary run, with his iconic claim to ‘build the danged fence’ were only charades to get our votes. But, gosh, it’s a pretty important weekend to a lot of us. We want to spend it with our loved ones. Can’t he wait a week before he calls for another escalating war? Can’t he spend one weekend with Cindy?