Fist off let me say that any American that cares at all about the so-called “royals” in the UK (or any other nation, for that matter) needs to turn in their American card ASAP. We left England precisely because of the whole anti-democratic and silly notion of a “royals” anything. However, let me also admit to getting an odd sort of amusement out of the fact that Barack Hussein and Michelle “I’ve never been proud of my country” Obama are not being invited to the upcoming royal wedding of Prince whoseits and his princess to be whatshername the Muggle.

But on the guest list, however, is TVs Mr. Bean, a Mideastern royal that is currently being accused of brutal crack downs on his own people, sports guy David Beckham, movie director Guy Ritchie, and singer Elton John. But no Obama.

OK, thinking about this snub of the Obamas can cause an American at least two reactions. One is ire that our president was snubbed (that’s if you like this president) and the other is amusement that he was so snubbed (and that is if you don’t like him). Either way, you have a legitimate emotional response. But why the snub in the first place?

Perhaps it is because THIS president has shown the Brits that he hates them with a passion!

Obama has himself snubbed Britain at least half a dozen times since he took the White House in 2008.

Here is a partial list (in no particular order):

So, it is pretty plain the guy simply hates the Brits. With this being true, one can understand why they don’t want him at their grand celebration. With a record of slighting our allies like that, who would want to invite Obummer?