America is a divided nation. The taxed and the non-taxed. The over-taxed and the under-taxed. The federal government is now paying more money to households than it is taking in as revenue. The percentage of people paying no income taxes has increased from 45% to 47%. Obviously, we as a nation cannot continue on like this for long. Given our massive National Debt, the clock is ticking and time is running out for reversing the current trends. Our tax code is some 90,000+ pages long and growing annually. Is it time for a complete overhaul? A major tax reform? Is it time for a Flat Tax?

we the people

Section 8 of the United States Constitution, the ultimate Law of the Land, says “…all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.” But they are not uniform. Countless clauses, deductions, exemptions, etc., give one group an advantage over the rest. This is just plain wrong. The Law should apply equally to all individuals and entities. So too should our taxes.

Consider a Flat Tax of 10%. A truly ‘uniform’ flat tax. We eliminate the FICA and other payroll taxes, since our Congress generally taps into that revenue anyway. So why play the game of smoke and mirrors? All income, being it wages, earnings, or profit, is taxed at a rate of 10% across the board for everybody. All individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations, unions, lobbyists, and yes, even churches! After all, uniform means uniform. One size fits all.

Now, I know, you are probably going to say something about non-profit organizations and institutions. To which I say there is no such creature as a non-profit. Any group, any individual, seeks to benefit, seeks to profit. That goes for churches and even so-called charities. They are all doing something for somebody, but not necessarily everybody. Therefore, they are seeking an advantage for some and not all. That is a profit, a gain, a benefit, an advantage.

The politicians want us to be divided. So too others seeking to manipulate us. The laws and tax codes are a prime example of how they achieve such. An across-the-board flat tax, with no deductions, no exemptions, is the fairest way to simplify our laws, our tax code and unify the nation. We will all have the same percentage of skin in the game.

Needless to say, some people will pay more than they are paying now. Many corporations are barely paying 3.5 to 6% in taxes, even though the rate is much higher. Some, like General Electric, pay no taxes at all. Then of course we have the churches, the unions, the charities, and political action committees, etc. They are currently paying zero. Well, my response to their outrage is simply this, if you want to enjoy the freedoms and liberties they have here, then pay like the rest of us. Under a uniform flat tax, they certainly would pay the same as us all.

So that is why I believe that the best route for tax reform is a uniform flat tax on every individual and entity of 10% is a the best way to unite the nation for the Common Good. The Constitution says as much and our Founding Fathers were very wise to mention that. They knew the trouble of just trying to get 13 states/colonies to act as one. These days we are so divided, partitioned and partisan that America is tearing itself apart. Progressives will have you think that some should pay more than others. I say, No! We′re all in this together. We should all carry an equal share. Some $2 Trillion dollars a year are wasted on people and companies trying to comply with the Laws of the land. About $400 Billion just with the Tax Code. Just think of how many jobs that would create! It is time to simplify and prosper, before it is too late.

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