The foreign policy of Barack Obama is left him in a quandary. Operation Odyssey Dawn to aid Libyan rebels and remove Muammaer al Gaddafi from power has become a stalemate, favoring Gaddafi. Meanwhile, in Syria, the very thing that led to NATO-US-UN action in Libya is occurring as anti-government protesters are being slaughtered wholesale in the streets by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. So what is Obama to do next in this growing global unrest?

predators libya

Well, for starters, Anti-President Barack Obama is sending the Libyan rebels the vast sum of $25 million dollars. They get more than that when they sell Qatar and China a tanker load of oil. Now it seems that the U.S. is sending not one, but two, count’em, two Predator UAVs armed with Hellfire missiles. I can see Gaddafi shaking under his turban from my front porch! NOT!

The Predator is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, originally built strictly for reconnaissance, but later versions are capable of carrying and firing two Hellfire antitank missiles. These are laser guided weapons packing a 20-pound shaped-charge of high explosive. Once in contact with the target, the explosives melt an inverted cone of copper, which shoots out and burns through pretty much any sort of armor or concrete protection, incinerating whatever is inside that protection. The Hellfire is also notable as a ‘fire-and-forget’ weapon, as it has its own built-in radar tracking system. Once it locks on to a target, it will destroy it without further human aide.

In comparison, a B-2 stealth bomber can carry up to 80 500-pound JDAM bombs, or 16 2,500-pound JDAM bunker-busters. These are GPS targeted weapons that can be programmed, in flight if need be, and dropped from a high altitude far away, like 20-30 kilometers from the target. Newer versions also have a laser seeker such that a ground team can ‘illuminate’ a moving target for a precision ′kill′.

So, given all the NATO air strikes and cruise missiles we′ve been using over the past six weeks or so, does anybody seriously think that two drones, each carrying two missiles with 20-pound warheads, are really going to make any significant difference? The answer is – NO! The problem in Libya is that the rebels are clueless and have neither the time or ability to wage a real revolt all on their own. Gaddafi has already survived the most crucial moment which was about seven weeks or so ago.

Barack Obama has no clue what to do next in regards to Libya, the rebels and Muammar al-Gaddafi. He certainly has no idea what to do about Syria and President Bashar al-Assad. Once again America;s foreign policy is being run by amateurs and idiots. When will they, and we voters, ever learn?

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