Scott Adams is the cartoonist/writer that brought us the Dilbert comic strips and he says he is supporting Donald Trump for president. He is not saying Trump would be a great president, or that he is a perfect Republican, or that he’s even a competent politician, though. No, why Adams is supporting Trump is because Trump is pulling off the prank of the century on the Republicans. For that chutzpah, Adams thinks Trump deserves support.

Headlining his blog post “Donald Trump: Magnificent Bastard,” Adams’ post is certainly little else but pure snark. But, he has some great points in this comedic take on the Trump candidacy. It all raises the central question: what is Trump’s real angle, here?

Adams started his piece saying that he thinks that this whole absurdist Trump for president thing is just an example of Trump “screwing with the media.” Adams thinks the whole deal is just a “prank” and he loves it all.

The magnificent part of this whole thing is that he’s putting no effort whatsoever into concealing his prank. That’s what I love about the guy. He knows that no level of clownery in a field of clowns will single him out as the one clown that doesn’t really mean it.

Take Trump’s recent empathy with the so-called birthers. That’s the most brilliant part of his plan. It’s a dead giveaway that he’s just screwing with the media, and it has the added benefit of concentrating most of their attention on that one trivial issue. He doesn’t even need to study up on the other issues. While Romney is writing position papers, Trump is golfing.

Adams goes on to say that it “isn’t the least bit credible that Trump thinks the birther issue is real” and insists that this whole thing is just a Trump gag on the media. Trump “is a man who is winking at the camera and daring you to see the obvious” he says.

Adams wraps up by saying that he thinks Trump will never admit that this was all nothing but an attention-grabbing prank.

This is a snarky take on the Trump bid for the presidency, to be sure. But there is a ring of truth to it all. Can Trump be serious? I just don’t see how he can. This guy has never in his life exhibited any interest in a cogent political ideology. His campaign donation history shows that. He’s all about making the bucks. Period.

Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with being single-minded on makin’ the bucks, certainly. But it seems that this whole dalliance with running for president is, indeed, a sort of prank perpetrated on the world by one Donald Trump, a prank meant only to get The Donald as much free publicity as possible.

In the end, though, if Adams is right (and I think he is) and this is just a grab for publicity, I can only condemn Trump for the arrogance of putting the country through it all for his own personal interests. With this faux run for the White House he is putting his petty interests above the interests of the American people.