As part of the Earth Day celebration, 1st Grade students at Riverwood Elementary School in Cordova, Tennessee were indoctrinated to sing a song calling for boycotting and petitioning against businesses. Some parents who learned about the song prior to the performance in school were dismissed by the teacher, a ‘Mrs. M’, as simply not being able to understand what the school is doing or the material. Looks to me like the objective here it is very simple. Indoctrinate the children to be good little Marxists.

indoctrinating children

This is just another example for why public education in this country should be avoided at all costs. Either home school your children, or push your school district, city or state to establish a voucher program and allow parents to choose where they want to send their children.

We have seen over the years college campuses turned into indoctrination centers for spreading Progressive-Socialist agendas. Now that many from the radical 1960s, like admitted terrorist William Ayers, had become eduction professors, training a new generation of school teachers, elementary schools are the new battle ground. Get them while they′re young is always the motto of the Marxists.

Videos like The Story of Stuff are shown to children as young as kindergarten age, planting the seeds of Marxism in their minds. The objective is clear, teach children that Capitalism is bad. Bad for people, bad for the Earth. Never mind the realities that the most polluting nations are those with Socialist governments. Never mind that the most oppressive regimes to us humans are Socialist. Never mind that Socialism has caused the deaths of over 100 million people in the past century, not to mention an equal number or more of abortions.

So 1st Grade children at Riverwood Elementary School in Cordova, TN are being indoctrinated against Capitalism as part of their Earth Day curriculum. No big deal, nothing to see here, say the school and the mysterious Mr.s M, the teacher behind the Earth Day song. She claims that they are using state-approved books, etc. There you go! The state approved it so it is OK and wonderful. The same argument used before, I′m sure, at Auschwitz.

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