So far, other than the 10,000 likely fraudulent Kloppenburg-favoring votes from the Madison area, there doesn’t really seem to be any compelling evidence of vote fraud in the recent election for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court race. David Prosser won by some 7,000 votes. Still, his challenger, JoAnne Kloppenburg, is demanding a recount no matter how absurd her request is.

In fact, she herself revealed how silly her position is with a recent TV press conference. As painful as it is to watch, Kloppenburg was flummoxed when asked if she truly believes she’s still the winner.

Video under the fold…

That was a full 13 second deer-in-the-headlights stare. Painful.

This is the same goof that claimed victory about 13 seconds after the polls closed when she had a mere 204 vote lead. Now she wants a recount when she’s behind 7,000 votes??

The logic is lacking to say the least.

Seriously. This union-backed lefty is delusional.