Speaking before yet another town hall on his Western states campaign tour, Barack Obama says he is going to have the Justice Department investigate rising gasoline prices. Here we go again, blame speculators! This time around it just doesn’t wash. If Obama really wants to blame anybody for the rising price of oil, he should look in the mirror, and at the Federal Reserve. Between his administration’s anti-drilling policies and the Federal Reserve trashing the U.S. dollar, oil prices are climbing.

obama blame game

In other news that shows the rest of the world is no better led than we are by Anti-President Barack Obama, the government of Japan has finally decided to enforce a 12-mile zone of exclusion around the crippled Fukushima Dia-Ichi nuclear power plant. This on the same day as another super-moon earthquake rattles the island nation. Meanwhile, in the Ukraine, they commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. At Chernobyl, they have an 18-mile Zone of Alienation around the reactor, restricting people. Personally, I think Zone of Alienation is a better, more ominous name than Zone of Exclusion. If the idea is to scare people, the Ukrainians have the right idea.

Yesterday was also the anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting, discussed by blogger Mikeb302000. On a more cheery note, The Boarding Area discuses changes to American Airlines million-mile program, just in time for the summer travel season. A good discount is what we need now as NetRightDaily covers the U.S. debt crisis. But if you are more worried about Mother Earth than mundane financial matters, Power Line is doing a series on Earth Week, or Earth Day, or whatever the heck the Greenies are calling it now.

If you still need a daily fix of political news, Althouse has a piece about why the GOP presidential field is so uninspiring. One potential candidate, Sarah Palin, is discussed at SISU after her splendid speech in Wisconsin last weekend. Speaking of labor unrest, the fine folks at The Lonely Conservative have a terrific article about Obama using the National Labor Rights Board to put pressure on companies where to locate new factories. Speaking of Obama,