According to the Sarah Conner Chronicles, Skynet becomes self aware at 8:11pm on April 19. So did the price of silver and gold break $45/oz and $1500/oz, respectively as a result of that? Or has the world become self aware that with the Standard & Poor′s downgrade to a negative outlook of U.S. credit, along with inflation fears and the death of the dollar send precious metals soaring? I suspect that, in all due respect to Skynet, the S&P warning, inflation, along with news of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) discussing using their own currencies to trade instead of U.S. dollars has more to do with gold and silver prices increasing.

price of silver

Let us face facts, the BRICS have been mad at Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve policy of quantitative easing for quite some time now. Standard and Poor’s, along with Moody’s and Finch, have raised concerns before in the past two years about the United States government and its free spending ways. The National Debt is nearly equal to America’s GDP, depending whose numbers you believe, with no sign of slowing unless Congress fails to raise the Debt Ceiling. S&P is becoming less confident that the politicians in Washington are going to produce a real, sound plan for spending cuts and balancing their budget deficits.

Anti-President Barack Obama shows no signs of wanting to cut spending, especially now that he has already begun his 2012 reelection campaign. A new Rasmussen poll shows 57% of likely voters think Obama has done a lousy job concerning the country′s economy. Only 28% claim they are strongly committed to giving him a second term. Thus far, none of the Republican presidential hopefuls have yet to establish themselves as being any better, opening the door to a potential ′dark horse′ in the late summer, such as House Majority Whip, Eric Cantor or New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. At this point voters might prefer Skynet running the country!

Democrats continue to cling to their old, worn-out class warfare and senior-citizen scare tactics. Not to mention moronic experts like former Enron economist, Paul Krugman, who doesn’t think the S&P warning or decline of the dollar means anything. The dollar loosing spending power certainly means something to ordinary Americans who are paying $4 a gallon for gasoline at more and more pumps. Or seeing food prices soar and packages becoming smaller at the grocery stores.

While some sci-fi fans celebrate the pseudo-holiday marking when Skynet becomes self aware, others are watching as the price of silver and gold continue to climb. Silver broke $45 an ounce today and gold broke $1500 an ounce for the second day in a row. The decline of the U.S. dollar seems certain between the Standard and Poor′s warning yesterday and recent meetings among the BRICS nations over the weekend. Inflation fears mount as the price of gasoline and food climb steadily. But folks like Anti-President Barack Obama and Paul ‘Enron’ Krugman are un-phased by reality. They would have you move along, telling you there is nothing to see here. Nothing to worry about. Not even Skynet!

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