To be a common leftist, all you need is your vitriol, your hate and a few buzzwords in your head and you think you are an informed, engaged citizen. It doesn’t matter if you have any real idea about what you are on about or any facts at your disposal. As long as you have that righteous indignation, that is all you need, apparently. No truth need apply.

Take what has befallen a small business in Iowa as a case in point to show that many leftists don’t need any truth to back them up, that their hate keeps them warm.

A Des Moines, Iowa company owned by the Koch family is having major problems with protests, death threats and attacks on their business. Yeah, Koch… but not that Koch! These Iowa Kochs have no connection at all to the media-made-infamous Koch brothers, the two conservatives that have donated heavily to conservative political activism.

The ones in Iowa ain’t them…

The Koch Brothers employ 65 employees in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. Brothers George, William and Frank Koch founded the company in 1889 as a spinoff from the Des Moines Register and Leader’s job printing shop.

No… NOT the New York Kochs that have drawn the hatred of half-wit leftists everywhere.

The idiot leftists attacking the Iowa Koch family don’t have any idea who they are protesting. They see the buzzword “Koch” and off they go over the cliff like the good, brainless lemmings they are. Off they go to mindlessly protest, cast aspersions, call names, and send in death threats.

So, the left has found a new, new enemy and it is a pair of brothers named Koch from New York (with a company based in Kansas) neither of whom they’d ever heard of until two months ago. And now, anyone with that name is suddenly fair game for abuse, attack and death threats regardless of whether they are actually members of the Kochs in contention.

But facts don’t matter to the left. All they need is their hate.