Glenn Beck has begun giving some details about his future plans now that he is leaving Fox News. This past week during a live performance, he told an audience in Albany he will be leaving New York City. Not only that, he has already sold his mansion in Connecticut. Beck is relocating his operations, including his production company, Mercury Radio Arts, which produces the Glenn Beck Radio Show. Glenn has yet to mention where to, but if I were to guess, I would say to Utah. He also told his audience that he is going to form a research department, hiring mostly former military and CIA personnel. During an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor, Beck told Bill that he wants to focus more on using the Internet, such as The Blaze, and reaching out to a younger audience. Some suspect that he may approach the youth of America through a format similar to that of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert should Beck return to television.

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Glenn Beck is making future plans, including leaving NY and forming a research department of former military and CIA personnel. Image Credit: Carrie Devorah /

In recent weeks, since the initial news broke about Glenn Beck walking away from Fox News, I have been joking with friends that if you see him loading a boat with cases of Ensure, then we’ll know that Armageddon is approaching. Of course, I’m referring to the scene from the movie Deep Impact, where a cabinet secretary resigns and departs Washington before an asteroid hits the Earth.

On Monday, Beck returned to his show on Fox News with perfect timing as Standard and Poor’s announced their negative outlook on the United States credit rating. The S&P said in their statement that they are generally not impressed with efforts by Washington policy nor lawmakers in solving our debt issues. That the S&P predicts that there is a one-in-three probability that they will lower the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA status.

The implications of such a move would mean that the U.S. government would have to pay a higher interest rate in order to borrow money. For example, on the bond market today, Greece is selling 13-week bonds at a rate of 4.1% while Germany can sell the bonds at a rate of 3.8%. A 10-year note from Greece has an interest rate of nearly 15%! Now, Greece is in much worse financial condition than we are, or at least that is what we are being told. Of course, up until Greece ran into trouble, they thought their debt was more manageable. But once the books were opened wide, the truth was far grimmer than anybody had guessed it could be.

So is Glenn Beck heading for the hills before a complete economic collapse? Who can say? Beck has not only sold his home in Connecticut but intends to move his company out of New York City. Glenn Beck is leaving Fox News to pursue more Internet related projects like The Blaze, which he started last year. He is seeking to reach out to the youth of America. Beck has also announced that he is developing a research department which will be hiring former CIA and military personnel. Is Armageddon approaching? If you see Glenn buying cases of Ensure at a Wal-Mart, you may want to think about getting a case or two yourself!

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