On Saturday, various Tea Party groups held rallies across America to raise awareness of the nation′s fiscal issues as Tax Day 2011 approached. At one such rally held in Madison, Wisconsin, Sarah Palin was the featured speaker. There were counter-rallies, too, organized by the AFL-CIO and they were in force at Madison, too, booing during the Tea Party members singing the National Anthem and making noise throughout the rally. Perhaps the most shameless exhibition of union thuggery occurred as Tricia Willoughby, a 14-year old girl, gave a speech as well in support of the Tea Party movement. Below are two videos, one featuring her speech, which was very good. The second video shows how union thugs from the AFL-CIO tried to shout her down, yelling profanity at her.

tea party rally

So why are grown men and women afraid of Tricia? Why did they feel compelled to try to drown her out? Because she is the future! A sign that America may have a future. A future free of special interests sapping the strength of our nation for their own selfish interests. The union thugs believe that they have the right to loot and steal from your wallet, from your life. That they are entitled to your labor, your sweat, your efforts.

Yes, Tricia was taunted by grown men, adults, shouting profanities, demanding that she shut up and go home. All because she wants her government to act responsibly and not leave her stuck with a crushing burden of debt. Not to leave her with a nation ruined economically. A country with no freedoms or opportunities.

The battle between the Takers and the Makers is being fought across America. Madison, Wisconsin has been a focal point in recent weeks as the state government seeks to remedy its fiscal problems. At Saturday’s Tea Party rally, Tricia Willoughby, a 14-year-old girl was taunted and shouted down by union thugs of the AFL-CIO. They held a counter-rally in their vain attempt to keep their cushy jobs with fat paychecks and benefits, typically earning twice as much as the people forced to pay taxes to fund these thugs. Shame on them for treating this young lady in such a manner! Are they that afraid of what a 14-year-old girl has to say to act in such a fashion? The sad part is, this is still only the beginning of the fight, and we can expect things to get much uglier as decades of corruption bankrupt America.

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