Apparently the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is not happy that the Oakland A’s have scheduled its first Jewish Heritage night. In fact, CAIR thinks that the mere fact that the A’s even have a night to recognize Jewish fans is somehow evidence that America is out to get Muslims.

It must be emotionally draining to be a Muslim. After all, they seem to spend every waking minute finding new things to get outraged over, their every breath seems dedicated to finding people giving them slight. And that’s not to mention the suicide bombings, death threats, and murderous riots! The delusion must be all consuming and tiring. I know it’s tiresome, anyway.

CAIR croaksman Ibrahim Hooper is incensed that the A’s don’t have a Muslim day, yet. Apparently Hooper never noticed the A’s at all until the A’s decided to celebrate its Jewish fans. As soon as the A’s made to recognize its Jewish fans, Hooper’s hate for Israel kicked into high gear.

“The ultimate test of this kind of policy would be to have a Muslim Family Day — and gauge the public reaction to it,” says CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper. “Given the heightened state of anti-Muslim sentiment in our society, I have a feeling there would be some objections to that.”

First of all Hoopie, my friend, neither Major League Baseball in general nor the Oakland A’s in particular are under any compulsion to offer “equal time” to anyone. Baseball is a private venture and can schedule all the Jewish days it wants without ever once scheduling a Muslim day. If that is what the baseball industry wants, then that’s what they should do. So you can go blow your terror-loving smoke up someone else’s keister, Hoopie my dear.

But, yes, it would be odd for any American institution to create a special day to celebrate our enemies. For baseball to host a Muslim day it would be like having the New York Mets having a Nazi day at the height of WWII.

Still, if Major League Baseball did want to have a Muslim day, well they have every right to do so. They’d have to be prepared to suffer the consequences amongst their fans, of course, but nothing should stop them if they are determined to hurt their brand by having a day celebrating suicide bombers, head-choppers, and terrorists.