With today being Tax Day 2011 in America, it was fitting that last night’s episode of Hannity’s America featured voter anger over the nation′s debt issues and incumbent politicians. Fox News Channel contributor, Frank Luntz, assembled a focus group evenly split of Democrat and Republican voters. Using electronic scoring devices, they rated a series of Congressmen and other speakers. The results were very clear, the voters are upset about the national Debt, the Debt Ceiling, and the lack of fiscal responsibility that all levels of government have.

tax day 2011

First to speak was Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) on the subject of his Pathway to Prosperity plan for reducing the budget deficits. The voters, who were allowed to ask questions to him and the other later speakers, gave Ryan very high marks. Republican members of the group scored him in the high 90s to 100, Democrats were generally positive averaging about 67-71 points. These results were repeated when the group heard from other GOP members of Congress, including a group of newly elected freshmen.

The only two speakers who scored poorly were Democrat Congressman Robert Andrews (D-NJ) and a spokeswoman from the AFL-CIO. Andrews scored only around the 67-75 points of favorable responses by Democrat voters in the group and at times as low as 40-35 points by Republicans. The results for the union spokesperson were even worse as she delivered the standard, worn-out cliches, with GOP voters barely giving her 18-25 points and Democrats hovering in the 50 point range.

The general consensus from this exercise in Vox Populi on the eve of Tax Day 2011 was that America′s voters have had enough of wasteful spending and fiscal irresponsibility. They, unlike Anti-President Barack Obama and the political Establishment, understand that the time to trim government spending is now. Even some of the younger Democrat voters in the Frank Luntz focus group which was assembled for last night’s Hannity’s America are upset that higher taxes will mean more difficulty for them in paying back student loans. GOP congressmen like Paul Ryan and the Tea Party supported freshmen got very favorable reviews by both sides of the evenly split Republican and Democrat voters. The tide has turned to the Right and the voters vowed that if the National Debt and Debt Ceiling are not resolved properly, they will vote out even more incumbents in 2012.

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