Yesterday I wrote of how stricter immigration laws in the US are scaring away Mexico’s low-skilled, uneducated masses from wanting to come to the USA. I mentioned it was a good thing that the dregs of Mexico are staying in Mexico. Today I celebrate another story that reports that some of Mexico’s business class and members of its upper middle classes are looking to come to the US because of fear of the drug wars raging south of the boarder. They are bringing their wealth and their businesses with them, too. This is also a good thing.

The Monitor of McAllen, Texas reports that Mexicans applying for the federal EB-5 investment program are on the rise as violence and crime rises in Mexico. The EB-5 program is a twenty-year-old federal program created to entice successful businessmen of other countries to immigrate to the US and bring their businesses with them.

Marketed throughout Mexico as USA Now, the office is one of six regional centers in Texas for the EB-5 investor visa, an immigration program launched two decades ago to stimulate economic activity by encouraging foreign nationals to invest at least $500,000 and create at least 10 jobs. U.S. businessmen with bold plans are using the program to raise capital for ventures ranging from construction of an NBA basketball arena in Brooklyn to expansions of Vermont ski resorts.

This is a great idea, this EB-5 program! We get the best and brightest of Mexico and the business savvy immigrant gets away from the crime and violence plaguing his birthplace. We get investment and growth and they get safety and the room to grow their businesses without shakedowns, theft, kidnappings, ransom payments, and murder.

Sounds like a great deal to me! Mexico’s loss is our gain, for sure. Instead of bringing Mexico’s least, this program is dedicated to bringing Mexico’s best to the USA, a group sure to add to this country’s wealth, not steal from it.

As the story notes, the program takes pains to screen its applicants so that criminals do not get through the system in order to establish a base in our country. And here is the only worry I have for the whole program. This whole thing could be ripe for abuse if we don’t keep our eye on it all. I mean, it would be easy for a crime lord to bribe officers of this immigration agency to pass them on as a normal business man. After all, this is a government agency, one typical of other government agencies in that there is no ready watchdog over it to make sure such abuses do not occur.

Still, it is odd to say, but here is a government program whose purpose is actually a sensible and good idea. “Good government programs” is almost an oxymoron, to be sure. So let’s hope it stays free of the abuse to which government programs are so prone.