President Raul Castro proposed term limits among other unprecedented sweeping reforms in Cuba during a speech yesterday. The younger brother of the ailing former president, Fidel, said the Cuban government is suffering for it’s lack of young blood in the ruler-ship.

Fidel Castro

Fidel, pictured here, lead the Caribbean nation for 47 years before his brother Raul took over. The reforms, if made into law, would limit Raul to another ten years in office if he’s successfully re-elected. From there, every president would be limited to two 5-year terms.

Among the other reforms that would encourage a more supply and demand based economy, the 70-year-old Raul Castro really made waves with his term-limit idea. The Castros have held office in the island nation since the Cuban Revolution over 50 years ago!

Still, Raul made it clear that socialism was the ideal still embraced by the nation’s leaders. He told the nation in his two and a half hour speech that he rejected multiple plans that would see property being purchased by private investors.

The main point of Castro’s speech, it seems, was to outline an austerity plan that would help Cuba recover from it’s current indebted state.

“No country of person can spend more than they have,” said Raul. “Two plus two is four. Never five, much less six or seven – as we have sometimes pretended.”

What does this mean for you and me? Well I’m not a cigar smoker, but I have a friend who might benefit from this whole situation. After all, every step toward a more democratic state is one step closer to having the U.S. Embargo lifted from Cuban products. Who knows, maybe my friend will be getting a box of fabled Cuban Cigars for Christmas! What do you think of Raul Castro’s proposals? Will we really see term limits for Cuban leaders? Let me know what you think in the comment section!