Two new sets of polls spell good news for Donald Trump as he considers running for president. A Newsweek/Daily Beast poll has Barack Obama and Trump nearly neck and neck at 43-41, +/- 3-5%. A new Public Policy Poll has Trump leading the rest of the GOP field with 26%. Huckabee has 17% and Romney only 15%. Newt Gingrich barely makes double-digits with 11% and Palin got only 8%. Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty brought up the rear with 5% and 4%, respectively.

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Donald Trump is looking good in new polls released this week against Barack Obama and GOP contenders. Image Credit: C.Smith/

Back to the Newsweek/Daily Beast poll, which matches Obama against GOP hopefuls, Huckabee actually ties Obama at 46% each. Romney, like Trump Trump, trails Obama by 2 points but at 49-47. Sarah Palin showed the worst of the four with Obama winning 51-40.

So why do I think that Trump actually scored best in the Newsweek/Daily Beast poll? Because ‘The Donald’ draws away the largest slice of Obama′s base of support. Trump leaves Obama exposed and half-naked, losing nearly 15-20% of his base. That is a serious political threat, especially considering that if anything, as gasoline and food prices continue to climb, and the economy continues to be flat, Obama will have a harder time shoring up his base of support.

Especially after two years of backtracking on most of his 2008 campaign promises, like closing Gitmo and pulling our forces out of Iraq. The latest word these days is that there may still be an American presence there until 2020. The war in Afghanistan, and now Pakistan is not going well either. Obama′s all new war in Libya also appears to be headed for disaster.

Barack Obama is a junkyard dog politician from Chicago. He has begun raising an expected $1 Billion dollar campaign war-chest. Romney, and certainly not Huckabee, can match that. Only Donald Trump could. The new polls by Newsweek/Daily Beast and the Public Policy Poll show that if Trump decides to run, he stands a good chance of winning the GOP nomination and the best chance of all of defeating Obama. Unlike the rest of the GOP contenders, Trump has the guts and fighter′s mentality to go against Obama, blow-for-blow in a knock-down, drag-out political battle, the likes of which America has not seen in decades.

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