According to the Christian Science Monitor Mexicans might be becoming “reticent about taking that midnight train to Georgia” and emigrating to America whether illegally or not. All this because of new, more stringent immigration laws being enacted in the various states, Georgia being only the latest example.

The bill, which Gov. Nathan Deal (R) is expected to sign, is the latest in a wave of immigration reform legislation that is sweeping the US and souring Mexican opinion of America. Prior to the enactment of the Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 one year ago, 62 percent of Mexicans had a positive opinion of the US, compared with 44 percent after the law passed, according to the Pew Research Center.

The Monitor has several examples of Mexicans changing plans and deciding to stay in Mexico. To this all I can say is… it’s about time.

In fact, this whole story, if it can be believed, sort of validates the whole notion that if you make laws a bit more strict it will discourage entrants, whether legal or not, right at the start. Even as Mexican officials and left-wing activists are given room in the story to claim that stricter laws don’t stop illegal immigration, it would seem to be a big “duh” that stricter laws do discourage immigrants.

The Monitor seems full of laments that Mexicans are losing their high opinion of the USA. To that, most Americans can only say who the heck cares? That these immigrants — many of whom are illegal and are ignorant, low-born, sons of drug-dealing murderers — are feeling negative against the US is of no matter to most, for sure. In fact, it is a welcome outcome. If it keeps more of these law breakers from coming here, so much the better.

There is another good outcome of stricter laws. Stricter laws will weed out the lazy, the law breakers, and the less skilled, lowest order of Mexicans and that will leave only their best, brightest and most determined citizens deciding to make our country their new home.

This is also a good thing. We welcome those most determined, those willing to abide by our laws and those itching to become full fledged Americans and should not welcome those that only want to come here to steal from our overly-generous and all too lax social programs.

In the end, you’ll forgive Americans if there is a lack of sympathy for leftists and illegals whining that our new immigration laws are “oppressive,” and foster “racial profiling.” In fact, most hope they do see new laws that will discourage these criminals from coming here in the first place.