During a two-part interview on Fox News Channel′s Sean Hannity Show, Donald Trump continued his scorn for President Barack Obama. In addition to raising the unresolved questions about Obama′s birth certificate and college records, Trump returned to another unresolved mystery, Obama′s connections with convicted felon Tony Rezko. Antoin ′Tony′ Rezko, a Syrian immigrant, was a Chicago businessman and prominent fundraiser for Illinois politicians, including both Barack Obama and former governor, Rod Blagojevich. A federal investigation, known as Operation Board Games, headed by maverick Justice Department attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, unraveled a syndicate of Illinois politicians and businessman in one of the largest ever cases of political corruption. Rezko was a key player in the group known as the Illinois Combine, which sought to milk the Illinois state teachers pension fund, which at the time had some $40 Billion dollars in surplus. The fund now is some $36 Billion in the red.

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Donald Trump brings Antoin ′Tony′ Rezko back into the conversation about President Barack Obama duirng the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News Channel. Image Credit: PNP/WENN.com

Early in 2008, a freelance journalist, Evelyn Pringle, a Democrat and admitted supporter of Hillary Clinton, wrote a 5-part series of articles called ′Curtain Time for Barack Obama′ (see link below), as well as others Barack Obama – The Wizard of Oz and Barack Obama – Operation Board Games For Slumlords. Pringle detailed the long and sorted history of the Illinois Combine, including Rezko′s and Obama′s roles in it. The Combine began to unravel after the administrator of a hospital in Huntley, IL was approached by one Stuart Levine concerning an expansion program for the hospital. Levine demanded that a particular construction company be used, which investigators later learned had promised kickbacks to Levine and other politicians. Feeling threatened, the administrator went to the FBI late in 2003, and wore a wire at her next meeting with Levine. Levine was arrested in 2004. He was the first of some 27 people convicted by Operation Board Games, including Rezko and Blagojevich.

During his interview with Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel, Donald Trump resurrected the ties between Antoin ′Tony′ Rezko and President Barack Obama. Trump focused mostly on the shady property deal concerning Obama′s home in Chicago, but if Trump were to dig deeper, he would find that Obama was appointed to head the Illinois Senate Health and Human Services Committee by Rod Blagojevich. This committee is the one that appointed Stuart Levine to a post on the state′s health care planning board which approved the expansion program for the hospital in Huntley, IL. Rezko was the middle man in all of this, including raising campaign funds for both Obama and Blagojevich from a wide range of characters, including Nadhmi Auchi, former financial adviser to Saddam Hussein. Say what you want about Donald Trump, he is raising the issues about Obama that the Media and professional journalists either ignored or covered up.

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