This is the sad, sad tale of the 50 million global warming refugees that the UN warned us about. Oh, it isn’t sad because there are any 50 million refugees, it’s sad because people believed that there were going to be 50,000 refugees due to global warming. After all, these purported refugees never materialized.

Back in 2005 the U.N. had determined that by 2010 there would be some 50 million refugees thrown out of their homes because of the ravages of globaloney. As Aaron Worthington says, that prediction came up short of the mark “by only around 50 million.” When the UN was at the height of its great global warming scam, the United Nations Environment Programme predicted that by 2010 there would be 50 million people driven from their homes as a result of globaloney.

With great fanfare UNEP posted on its webpage a startling map showing all the regions on earth that would be swallowed up Irwin Allen-like by that disastrous global warming. And, dang it, it’s ALL our fault.

UNEP was sure of it…

Fifty million climate refugees by 2010. Today we find a world of asymmetric development, unsustainable natural resource use, and continued rural and urban poverty. There is general agreement about the current global environmental and development crisis. It is also known that the consequences of these global changes have the most devastating impacts on the poorest, who historically have had limited entitlements and opportunities for growth.

Notice all the BS assumptions in that pile of manure? There is “general agreement,” so, gosh, it must be TRUE! And, boy, them there poor people don’t have enough “entitlements” (read socialist redistributionist government mandates) so they just can’t ever get ahead.

Then the UN told us sonorously that if we only got rid of capitalism, threw away our cars, planes, and air conditioners, and went back to partying like it’s 1799, why everything would be great again. They could prove it, you see. They have a map.

Or do they?

Well, it’s 2010 and guess what? Not only did the refugees due to global warming disappear on the UN, but now even the map has disappeared. The UN has scrubbed the entire webpage. Globaloney right down the memory hole.

So, I think we’ve at last discovered the real way to fix global warming? Just erase it from the Internet tubuals. There. “Problem” solved!