Silver, the poor man’s gold, or as I like to call it, ‘the OTHER precious metal’, is soaring like a rocket as prices broke the $42 mark this morning. Gold, also, broke new ground with a new all-time high of $1485. But silver is performing incredibly well, up 35% just since January. There is a shortage of physical silver, especially with banks like JPMorgan-Chase leveraging more than 100 times silver futures paper to their physical holdings. While Socialists like former SEIU thug Stephen Lerner want to crash JPMorgan to destroy Capitalism, folks like Max Keiser and his Silver Liberation Army, SLA, want to crash JPM to restore Capitalism! So what is driving silver and gold to soar?

silver prices

Inflation concerns and the trashing of the U.S. dollar and bonds is a major factor. But you cannot discount what Max Keiser is doing, either. In respect to JPM, their position on naked-short-selling of silver is turning into a disaster for them. For every ounce of physical silver being purchased, JPM is selling 20 to 50 ounces worth of paper-silver. They are backing their position in their own stock. Keiser launched his ‘Crash JPMorgan, Buy Silver’ program, now known as the Silver Liberation Army, about four months ago. The plan was for one million people to each buy a single, one ounce silver coin. Taking one million physical ounces of silver off the market would be enough to bring JPM down.

Historically, silver is typically valued at about 20-30 ounces per silver to one ounce of gold. Its historic high was $50 an ounce during 1979-80, caused mainly by the Hunt brothers hoarding. But with thousands, if not tens of thousands of ordinary people buying physical silver now, one can easily see silver not only breaking the old high, but soaring to where the price should be, in the $70-75 range. Should this play by the SLA succeed, the entire phony, fiat currency system could be in jeopardy, sending metals like silver and gold straight to the Moon as paper and digital money becomes worthless.

The price of silver broke $42 an ounce today and gold hit an all-new high of $1485. While inflation and currency bubble concerns are playing a role, the X-factor in this could be Max Keiser and his Silver Liberation Army. Started about four months ago under the banner of ‘Crash JPMorgan, Buy Silver!’, the object is for ordinary people to buy physical silver. If enough is taken off of the market, then JPMorgan-Chase′s paper silver futures, leveraged at well over 100 times their physical holdings, could bring the mighty bank down. Keiser and his Silver Liberation Army are doing this to restore Capitalism by demonstrating the folly of fiat currency and take away the power of elitists to control us and the world′s economy.

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