In an interview with the Des Moines Register, Donald Trump, one of the pretend Presidential candidates who is currently haunting the Republican field, decided to discuss his record of serial marriage. Trump claimed in the interview that “… one of the reasons I was divorced is because I worked very hard. And, you know, that’s a good reason. But I worked very, very hard building up a great company. And it’s a great company.”

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First, I guess that this excuse, the I work too hard so I get to hunt for another babe excuse, is the alibi du jour for why it’s okay to play around on your wife and eventually replace her with another, sleeker model. Newt Gingrich, as we all recall, used virtually the exact same words when defending his serial monogamy. Newt, then, was seeking the support of religious conservatives.

At the time, I found it implausible that Newt could get any individual who advocates or even cares about morality to support his campaign. But now, it turns out that Trump is also using the same argument. Personally, I’m glad that we have yet another excuse for divorce. We have long been plagued in this country by too many hard-working people who stay in marriages, merely because they love each other and recognize the need to support one another and their family unit.

I’m thinking that the next guy who might as well throw his hat into the Presidential nomination race is Hugh Hefner (see photo below with some of his wives, I assume). I figure if Newt and Trump can plausibly think that their own personal behavior shouldn’t affect people’s voting choice, then why not the founder of Playboy. Heck, his disregard for marriage seems to go right along with theirs. He’s been married a number of times, each to a newer, hotter babe. It’s just that he gets tired of them when they get to be around 30, not wait until his wives are 40 or 50.

I’m not going to tell my wife about this new excuse for divorce though. We both are pretty well educated, and work pretty hard at our jobs. She, though, is still more attractive than I deserve, after 40 years of marriage. If she heard about this, I assume that she’d dump me for some boytoy, and then announce that she’s running for president.

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