Just look what happens when Democrats come to power. They instantly fracture when the hardcore crazy liberal wing takes on the nutty liberal wing.

Cindy Sheehan says that she will run for Nancy Pelosi’s congressional seat in Pelosi’s beloved San Francisco, the nation’s foremost hotbed of liberal kooks.

Ms. Sheehan demands that Pelosi introduce articles of impeachment against President Bush. That is not going to happen, of course, so Sheehan’s preposterous bluff will be called.

One of the inconvenient truths is that Sheehan does not live in San Francisco. In case you thought she lives in a hippie bus parked outside George Bush’s ranch in Crawford Texas, I can break the news that she lives near Sacramento. However that does not matter in California which inexplicably has no residency requirement that you actually live in the district that you represent in Washington.

Does Cindy Sheehan have any chance of beating Nancy Pelosi? Absolutely not, even in San Francisco. She will get a chunk of votes, but that is not the real problem here.

If Sheehan reasserts herself as the voice of the crazy fringe wing of the Democrat party, she will get backers, donations, and plenty of undeserved publicity by those on the anti-American left. It will be a national story.

With that national story, Democrat activists will be reminded that their congressional majority has failed to deliver on their unreasonable expectations. It seems to me that a Sheehan run could help fracture and demoralize the party.

And with Ralph Nader probably running for president again, there is a place for those voters to land who do not choose to sit out the election. With the Republican party in such a canyon this year, a possible implosion by the Democrat party is about the best thing they have going.